About Rachel Rode

I’m the stay at home mom of two kids (ages 10 and 6), and I've been married to a wonderful, very patient man for 15 years. I have always had a creative, crafty streak, but I was always frustrated by my enjoyment of so many mediums. That’s just awful, right? (snicker) No really. I couldn’t pick just one thing and stay happy with it. It would cease to be challenging or I didn’t find it worth the challenge after only a short time. I wanted to find an occupation for my “idle” hands that would keep me interested and satisfy my need to create. A few years ago, I learned how to make very basic jewelry, and that was it…I was hooked.

Now I’m trying to turn that hobby into a real business. In December 2010, I opened a shop on Etsy and it's called Rachel Rode, jewelry for heart and soul.

I have a fondness for sarcasm, comedic timing, and long-winded writing. I just don’t know when to shut up. If you don’t enjoy lots of words (then why are you reading a blog?) then I’d suggest skimming my writing instead. ;)