Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Get ready! My spring sale will start May 1st with deep discounts on lots of items. To help kickoff the sale, I teamed up with my friend Jen at BreakforMoms with a giveaway! Go there to enter for your chance to win one of my two best-selling pendants before May 1st.

This is the ONLY STOREWIDE SALE I'll be having this year, so do not miss out! Clearance items will be marked down 30-40% and all other ready-to-ship items will be on sale too.

So to recap...
1) go enter to win at BreakforMoms, then
2) go to my facebook page for updates on the sale items
3) mark your calendar for May 1st and hit my shop that morning! Sale ends May 6th at midnight!
Tree of Life Pendant

Bird Nest Necklace

See you there!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Storefront!

Rachel Rode Jewelry is now available on as well as Etsy. I figure I can use the exposure! So stop by the shop at For now, you will find the same inventory as Etsy only pared down a bit. Goodsmiths is in Beta form right now, meaning it's online and fully operational, but there may be bugs or kinks to work out along the way.

This does not mean my Etsy shop is closing - far from it! Goodsmiths is just a new venue where my goods can be found. Goodsmiths is working with Dwolla payment services on their shopping cart. Another new venture for me! They take credit cards, bank transfers...all pretty much like Paypal.

I'm still refining the inventory, but my shop is open and operational! Stop by, set up your own user account, and browse the growing land of!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Mother's Day Wish List (a Treasury)

So today, I'm posting my treasury from last night. It's my personal Mother's Day wish list from Etsy. Now, I have to qualify that when creating a treasury, one of the things I look for is continuity whether that be color scheme or whatever. So when I say this is my wish list (talking to you, my hubby) I'm not saying this is it literally. Although....I really would absolutely LOVE anything on this list. But really, I'm pulling for a laptop or an iPhone! ;) Enjoy!

My Mother's Day Wish List

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Critique Wednesday

I am always hoping to improve myself and my work, especially in my jewelry business. I want to make jewelry that inspires you... that moves you... that you want to own. So once a week, I'm going to offer up one of my pieces for your critique here on the blog, facebook, twitter and pinterest. I want honest feedback.

Not sure what I'm looking for? Here are some considerations...

What does the piece make you feel?
Is it relevant to you?
Do you love the style but not the color?
What would you change?
Does the price seem fair to you?
How could the piece be improved?
Have you seen something like this already?

Maybe you have feedback on a different piece...if so, give me the url and your comments! I would love to hear whatever you have to say.

Perhaps you would like to see me add something to my shop. Let me know! Give me examples or photos. Or maybe you're just itching to create something special just for you...let me know that too!

So...all that said, here is my first piece up for critique.

Recycled Silver Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain and Freshwater Pearl $65.00

My business is about you as much as it's about me. Without you, there is no business. So tell me your thoughts! Thanks in advance! ;)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fruits of my labors

I've been so busy with new pendants, precious metal clay, rosaries...just about everything I can possibly think of. And they will all be showing up in the shop gradually through the next couple of months.

I started a newsletter, published about once a month, just to give subscribers a glimpse of what's new for the coming month, and maybe even a coupon code! If you'd like to subscribe, just use this link to sign up.

I'd love to hear from you! Tell me what you think of my shop, my offerings...anything. Tell me what's on your mind! Have a great Easter!