Monday, December 12, 2011


One of my guilty pleasures is a subscription to InStyle Magazine. I received my December copy a week or so ago and have indulged in its pages when I have a couple of minutes to spare. Then here arrives my January issue filled with information on Spring fashion! What? Already? Winter is not even officially started yet the style mags are starting to talk about what to wear this spring...I am just not ready for this.

As I'm working to fill all the Christmas holiday orders, I can't even bring myself to think about Valentine's Day, Easter, First Holy Communion, Mother's Day....all the upcoming holidays and celebrations that sometimes involve jewelry.

Even so, I'm kind of excited to see that one of the big trends coming in spring is the return to pastel colors. I saw rainbows of soft yellows, pinks, aquas, mints, peaches, and lavenders. It should be a lovely fashion season. BUT, I'm going to get there when I'm good and ready. It will have to wait just a bit longer.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A treasury feature...

I don't usually post here when others include my work in a treasury, but this particular treasury is just beautiful. The curation is really nice and includes a mixture of chocolate browns to enjoy. I thought I'd throw up the link here in case anyone was interested in seeing it.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Featured Etsy Shop: OhDearWatson

I'm getting to know some of my fellow teammates on the Aspiring Artisan's Guild on Etsy, and I wanted to share one of them so that others might get to know them better, too!

OhDearWatson is a lovely little vintage shop owned by a husband and wife team. Amanda and Cody have only been married since 2010, but together they are growing a small Etsy business with a shared love of all things vintage. Amanda told me that her appreciation for flea markets and items from earlier times comes from her mother and grandmother - something I share as well.

So Cody and Amanda peruse local estate sales and auctions for just the right items to add to their online store. Though the store is relatively small, there is a wonderful selection of unique finds. One of my personal favorites is this pair of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Moses shakers...

Vintage Aunt Jemima & Uncle Moses Shakers from OhDearWatson on Etsy.
They are in really good shape, and I nice set for collectors.

Something else I just really like is this little coffee canister...

Vintage Knobler Instant Coffee Jar from OhDearWatson on Etsy.
I just really like it! It's so cute and perky. I love vintage kitchen items, and I would love to have this in my kitchen. If only I had room!

Finally, I really like these Merry Mushroom canisters from Sears & Roebuck because my mom used to have a set of ceramic ones just like them. My brother has them now. He's so lucky...too bad he doesn't know what he's got!

Vintage Merry Mushroom Canisters from OhDearWatson on Etsy.
That's just a few of the goodies OhDearWatson has in their shop. I only chatted once with Amanda, but she is really sweet and very willing to share about her passion. I can't wait to see what sweet little finds they add to their shop next! Stop by their shop and check them out!