Monday, October 31, 2011

Gift Registry Now Available at ECJ!

I'm very pleased to announce a new service available at Exhausted Creativity - Gift Registry! If you found something you really want, tell me, and then tell your loved ones to contact me.
Send me an e-mail or convo me through the Etsy shops with a list of your favorite items, and I'll keep a record of them. Then, tell your loved ones how to find me. There are 3 easy ways to reach me:

1) Through the Etsy shops - and Go to my shops and click the contact button on the lefthand side of the shop screen. You can send me an e-mail this way if you are a registered Etsy user.

2) Send me a direct e-mail - skip the Etsy site altogether and just send an e-mail! A good option for anyone not registered with Etsy yet. Contact me at ecrosaries (at) hotmail (dot) com.

3) Call me - 815 Five Five Seven 06 Seven Four

The best way for this to work is to see what's on the websites before explaining what you like or want made. If something you liked sold, I may be able to recreate it or make something similar, so don't let that stop you. And if cost is an issue, I may be able to make the item with less expensive components to help save a little money. Just ask - I'm happy to work with you!

Gift wrapping and expedited shipping are also available to help make holiday shopping a little easier for everyone. Start your shopping now for the best selection of ready-to-ship items!

Another wonderful season is under way! Enjoy it, and happy shopping!

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