Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Military Rosary brings out my "Colors"

I've made military rosaries before, but I felt an urgent need to make one upon hearing this sweet song by April Smith called "Colors." I love how retro it sounds. For me, it paints a picture of a World War II sweetheart waiting for her boy to come home. Reminds me of my folks even though they were children of that era, not adults.

My mom's step-father served in the Navy from the time he was old enough to enlist in the '30s until he retired in the '60s. My mom moved all over the country with him. My dad also served in the Navy in the '60s. My brother in the '80s. I heard the stories of service in wartime and peace. I heard about the dirty jokes the guys told each other. I heard about how the women left behind had to work to make ends meet. How the goodbyes were heartbreaking every time a ship set off. Basic training. Moving from base to base. I'm grateful for their service and thankful I know a bit about the sacrifice requried to serve our country, how it tears people and families apart. Yet we take it for granted.

Thank you to you service men and women! If you are currently serving, you are a veteran, or a widow or widower of a vet, please leave a comment! I would love to hear your story! And as a thank you, I would like to provide you with a coupon code for free shipping in my shop. Many thanks, and God bless you!

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